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My Proposal Story part 1

This last August, me and the one I now call fiancé went on a short break to Dubrovnik in Croatia. it was a fairly last minute decision, catching quite a decent deal online. The journey there required a 7 hour stop over at Brussels airport. This I was anxious about, but turned out to be fine, with  armed guards all over.

Once we arrived, morning had just broken. The heat was already nearly unbearable and we weren’t able to get into our accommodation until 2. Our lovely transfer driver gave us our scheduled lift to the accommodation to drop off our suitcases, and then offered us a free lift into town. We tried to give him some money but he would not accept.


well…what a BEAUTIFUL city! I am in love with this place. We basically spent the morning wandering around, stopping to get cold drinks and a bit of shade. We also stopped off at the local pebbly beach to cool our toes.


Instead of taking a bus or taxi to the accommodation, we decided to walk. This provided us with come amazing views of the open sea.


Finally we got to our accommodation, and I must admit we had a little rest in the air conditioned room and a shower before heading out for tea. We decided to splurge a little to enjoy our first night, so we went to a lovely little restaurant that, wasn’t the cheapest, and order starters as well as a main. I didn’t get any pictures of our mains, but here are our starters (they kind of look like mains).

To finish the night off we wandered to the end of the dock and looked over the open seas, dock, beautiful buildings and the mountain in the distance. (the mountain has a big part to play later on in the story).


Part 2 to follow soon….okies?



Daily Prompt: Pungent – my attempt

via Daily Prompt: Pungent

The word pungent..to me that is the word I will now use to describe many things..nappies…feet that have been wearing sandals….the flat after we eat fish and chips….

Maybe it could be used for good smells though. “This room is pungent. I can smell cinnamon, spiced apple, and a general smell of Christmas” or “ooo that apple crumble is pungent”.

As the dictionary says it can be for taste also, I think the apple crumble example is a perfect fit….okiedoke?

The end,



First blog post – Hello!

Hello readers! (if anybody finds this). My name is Emily. I am a partially qualified dance teacher, currently training nursery practitioner (currently nursery assistant), very part-time crafter. I have started this blog on a “wim” so I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be using it for yet. I’m not the best of writers, I’ll admit. Hey, maybe this will help with that!?

Will I do this for a short time and forget about it? probably..as I do with many projects I start!

Right now I’m at a cross-roads of sorts. I’ve recently left the dance teaching career and done a complete swap of life goals by training to be a nursery practitioner. So far, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done (besides getting with my partner of nearly 9 years).

Talking about my partner…we got engaged this summer. The story of this may be my next post, as it is a pretty good story, if i do say so myself.

Anyway guys, I will write another post soon…okiedoke?